I have won, I have lost. The ultimate biography of Tore Holm

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Join us on Tore Holm’s life path through the dynamic times of the 20th century, his career as a yacht designer, boatbuilder and sailor, his life as a school boy, student, husband, father, and widow. The book is written to appeal to a wide readership, be you sailor, boat builder, or simply one fascinated by sport in general and the human story itself.

The text is enlivened by quotes from books, magazines, personal letters, and interviews as well as by references to the world and times in which he lived. The many challenges, both personal and professional, faced by Tore Holm are covered in detail.





  • 515 pages and 220 illustrations,
  • ISBN 978-91-519-0016-2,
  • printed on high-quality paper,
  • dimensions of 17 x 25 x 4.5 cm (6.7 x 9.4 x 1.8 in),
  • designed by the awarded professional Carl Åkesson at Cover Design AB,
  • published by the Swedish Classic Boat Association reputed for its printed matter,
  • the English language thoroughly revised by native British writers, and
  • the CO2 footprint of the production compensated in full.


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