Dear Reader,

Small factual errors are inevitable in an historic biography. I have done my utmost to avoid them and any that may occur are
my own responsibility. So far I have found or I have been advised four errors as listed below. Readers are encouraged to keep me informed of any facts they may find erroneous. This web page will be updated accordingly.


  • page 58 and 87, it is uncertain whether “Eugenie Sofia” or “Eugenie Sophie” is correct.
  • page 174 and 505, for “Beatrice Aurora” read “Beatrice Aurore.”
  • page 319, line 9, for “12m/s wind” read “12-m/s wind.”
  • page 387, for “Table 7. The daily points of the four best nations” read “Table 7. The daily standing of the four best nations.”

Last update 26 November 2022, with contributions from:
– Jan Pettersson, Sweden

Tapani Koskela

(photo: Gunilla Edfeldt’s family album)

Tore Holm writing