Well above hundred people have helped in the research work during the years.

Perhaps equally many have kept on expressing their sincere encouragement. They are all warmly acknowledged.

The work was financially supported by the Cultural Board of the City of Stockholm and Kulturfonden för Sverige och Finland.

Publishing this book would never have been possible without the generous economical support by Familjen Burre Hellmans Stiftelse, Sweden, Waldemar von Frenckells Stiftelse, Finland, bankowner Henrik Andersin, Grankulla in Finland, and Jacob Wallenberg’s Foundation, Stockholm, Sweden.

The work of Pierre Dunbar and Bengt Jörnstedt at the Classic Boat Association of Sweden has been of great importance.

Photo credit: the author, picturing the Five Metre s/y Saga II, Tore Holm 1939, at Prompt Regatta 2020.