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Make sure to be among the first ones to get your copy.

Just hold on a little longer, please, until our shop opens. Meanwhile, make sure you’re among the first ones to get your copy – signed if you wish – by preordering the book now! The print is limited.

Unlike previously announced the voluminous material, after all, can be accommodated in one volume, without the book being perceived as overloaded. The work will require some additional time and, therefore, we kindly ask for your leniency in not getting your book before the spring.

The price of one book will only be 50 eur; it was 80 eur for two books. If you preorder now we are pleased to offer you, for the time being, the price of 45 eur. As soon as the shipping date is known you will be quoted the exact price and payment options for your approval or free cancellation.

You will soon find this unique book on your bookshelf!

The book cover, one volume only

Photo credit: Emma Sirén